Lift & Slide


System 77


One of the key advantages of this aluminium window is its very small-width profile visible from the external side of the construction. Slimline aluminium windows are becoming increasingly more popular and very sought after. This particular aluminium profile enables building window systems characterised by an excellent water resistance, air tightness and sound insulation performance. They are highly insulated and with thermal break.





  • Highly resistant
  • durable and slender profiles enable screens of a low-threshold door of the weight of the leaf of up to 400 kg, height – up to 3.2 m and width – up to 3.3 m.
  • a wide range of glazing options, allowing application of double or triple glazed units combined with thermal breaks as well as additional inserts, enable achieving high thermal and acoustic insulation of the door.
  • unique gasket designs, together with quality hardware, ensure  top end weather and air tightness performance
  • possibility to drive the doors with automatic “HS-Master” mechanism controlled with a push-button or remote contral

Lift & Slide


System 59


Lift & slide door is the perfect integrating element that connects rooms or winter gardens with external spaces. It provides a convenient exit to the balcony, terrace or garden. When in the open position, the door does not take up space inside the room, whilst enabling a very good contact with the environment which further increases the comfort of use.

MW-59HS gives you great possibilities in applications of lift & slide doors, and is the optimized solutions in terms of construction and dimensions of its profiles and frames. With its high thermal and sound insulation, combined with excellent water and air tightness,
MW-59HS meets all the requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection.





  • impressively high resistance to water, air infiltration and thermal insulation
  • Excellent thermal insulation U-value from 0,8 W/(mK)
  • Flexible glazing range, up to 81 mm
  • Wide choice of fittings – most of the available fittings fit
  • Innovative – special shape of the central gasket
  • Prominently simplified construction method
  • Profile connections (corner & T-connections) are performed by bolting or studding
  • Highly resistant



Flexibility in design


The range of sliding and folding doors offered by the Mallorca Windows are modern openings based on standard selection of aluminum profiles.


Their large size of glass panels allows for great amount of light to come in while the parallel opening of the sliding leaf offer space saving and great functionality. They are silent and easy to operate. 








• silent, smooth operation
• range from 2 to 6 pane options to meet all key applications and specifications needs
• ability to combine with different MB systems
• moskito protection option
• great number of color options
• dual color options

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